fuel surcharge

just got notice today by mail us foods will be charging me $6 per delivery fuel surcharge.
asked the driver how many stops he makes on average,he said 30…
asked how many miles,he said 250,looks like we are paying for all the fuel for the day and then some.

If you have some leverage, you may be able to get the charges removed or reduced, but that is not the highest charge I’ve seen.

its not a big deal to me i am on a price per case contract,i was giving the heads up to everyone.
there was a thread about sysco doing it,and i remember saying everyone is going to get on that bandwagon.
i have a private garbage service and he told me the landfill was now charging $13 for each roll off dumped,he figures the land fill is making roughly $11,000 off the surcharge each day…

We’ve been getting charged for at least 2 months. Right now it’s 6.95 a delivery but it has been 8.95 at one point. Can’t see it being dropped unless the gas prices go down. It’s hitting us hard all over.

Our fuel surcharge is $10.50 right now. I would take $6.

Someone once told me that a semi only averages 4-5 miles to the gallon. Based off of that number, 250 miles / 4 miles to the gallon is 62.5 gallons of diesel to run that day. 62.5 gallons times $5 per gallon is $312. Your $6 fuel charge times 30 stops is only $180, half of what it would actually be costing them, assuming their trucks get 4 miles to the gallon.

The routes that usually stop at my place run about 6 to 12 stops on their route. Let’s consider dollar cost averaging . . . . I don’t think “and then some” is necessarily in order on every route for every driver. I believe my route is not at all coming up to HALF the fuel tom run down to Montgomery and back (minimum 285 miles) even with 12 stops. I’m usually on the truck that does the Army Base, or college and hospitals in Columbus.

Well…Lets do a little basic math here; 250 miles driven each day total, 30 stops, 250 divided by 30 equals 8.33 miles average driven per stop. With the cost of fuel at $4.50 to $5.00 plus, and the average mileage of a delivery truck at 8 to 10 miles per gallon, I’d say they were pretty close to being spot-on with their charge.
It’s a sign of the times.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor