Full 12 month sales increase!

I am hesitant to “call” it but we did hit positive 365 day numbers last weekend. For the first time in 30 months we have a positive 365 day change in sales! (Not much mind you as we are looking at a full year’s number)

What a long hard slog. We had a downturn after 9/11 and the Gulf War when tourism took a hit and the local economy slowed down but that one lasted only about 12-15 months. This one was twice as long.

The total slide from the peak was over 30% so it will take some time to climb back up (remember a 35% decline requires more than 50% increase to get back even)

All in all, this is a load off my mind.

At the end of the day, it’s one arrow pointing back the proper direction! Congrats to you and your hard working team of managers and employees! Now…let’s pick up TWO years shall we?

Things are continuing to improve. Feb was up 18% and March is up about 27%. Getting better!

Congratz Steve. Lets hope the economy continues to seek areas of growth.