full and half pan

how many would you say a full pan of lasagna feed? I am doing my catering menu. I would say 15…

What size is a full pan that you are thinking it feeds 15? Seems like a massive pan. But anyways, if you want to be on par with Stouffers Lasagna, they say 7.6 oz feeds 1 person (38 oz family lasagna is 5 servings). So hopefully that gives you an idea. Just weigh it.

Our full pan of pasta measures 13x21 and feeds 18-20 people. Our half pan measures 10.5x13 and feeds 8-10 people

I have a friend in the catering business & this is what they say, they have been doing it for 20 or more yrs.

thanks Daisy
Exactly what I am looking for!