Full Color Door Hangers Part 2

I got my 30k full color door hangers 3 days ago… and results are kicking butt!!

so yes if you guys want to take the risk like i did… DO IT!!!

I will keep printing full color only

Glad to hear the great news…


Who is doing those for ya and how much? What do you do for an experation date on those? How long will it take you to get out 30k?


How do you get 30K doorhangers hung? Do you use a service or employees?

I used got print for my 5000 full color door hangers
I got pretty good results as well, unfortunatly the lite paper made it difficult to keep on the door, I also did a 2 color on card stock from doorhangers ect. price was 100.00 cheaper and had the same results

i send 2 3 drivers to do it … i have 3 full time driver and 5 part time… so we mix them up… 15k flyers a month we hang

i got thicker paper so it stay really good