Full Pizza Restaurant and Bar for Sale in El Paso, IL

A very nice pizza restaurant, bar, and apartments are for sale in El Paso, IL. The restaurant has a full kitchen, dinning room, and attached full bar with additional seating. The building also has two apartments above the restaurant included in the sale. Everything in the restaurant and bar is included in the sale (kitchen supplies, oven, fridge, freezer, table, chairs, bar, etc.). Please feel free to contact me at (309) 261-7663 if you have additional questions. Ask for Giuseppe. Serious inquiries and/or offers only.

Giuseppe -

Are you interested in selling equipment piece by piece, or are you looking to sell everything as a package deal?

If willing to sell piece by piece, I’d like to come take a look. I’m in Bloomington, so just 15 minutes out.


Sorry, no. I have to sell everything at once - building and equipment- The business does very good. It’s just that I’m getting older and I can’t take care of such a big business. If you or anybody else is interested in buying or leasing the building let them know of my business. thanks

Will do. Best of luck.