FUll Strength Vs Superlative

What is the difference between these?

Hi SoulButter,

I believe these are essentially the same flour but I think the Full Strength name is more common on the east coast. Out on the west coast you can find Superlative in my experience.

If you google “full strength flour data sheet” and “superlative flour data sheet” you’ll be able to compare the technical info on these flours and see that they’re very similar or exactly similar.

Hope this helps!

Full strength is bromated and superlative is not as you can’t get bromated flour out west.

I defer to Walter’s experience - I suspect that in practice you’ll mostly see bromated Full Strength and unbromated Superlative flours and that might be a handy reference.

But it should be noted that General Mills does make an unbromated Full Strength as well as a bromated Superlative. These products may not be widely available or popular in certain markets, but are all on the general mills site.