Full-Time Employee Arrested in the store this morning...

How should I handle this? Luckily we are in a small town and the deputy called my wife and gave her a heads up and did it before we opened this morning. He told her that she was being arrested for shoplifting in a neighboring county.

Do I fire her on the spot for being arrested or do I have to wait to see if she is convicted? She is a hard worker, but doesn’t get along with a majority of her co-workers.


Consult an attorney is my only advise. Every city/county/state is different in the laws in regards to this. Also unemployment claims can come about if she is fired “incorrectly.”

I see online that she is sitting in jail still and the deputy that arrested her told my wife that the girl that was arrested with her already confessed to the crime(they committed the crime together). She is scheduled to work tomorrow morning so do I fire her for a no call/no show tomorrow for her shift (which clearly states in our handbook that it is grounds for termination)?

We’ve suspended her twice this year already for being late. (3 times late = 1 day suspension; next time late is 3 days suspension; next time is termination). We told her the next time that she was late, she would be fired.

She is a hard worker, but is also bringing the morale of the shop down. Georgia is a ‘Right to Work’ state, but I know that means little to the employer. I just want to cut my losses now and let her go, but I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before I do.


What is the downside for letting her go with no reason given? Just “we don’t need you any longer”. In my state it would be just that the event goes on your unemployment experience rating. Unless you already have a bunch of chargeable unemployment claims that will cost you nothing at all.

Or, if she is late/absent tomorrow and you have given her warnings before terminate her for that.

Even though I would not want her working in my place under these circumstances, I would stay away from using the arrest as a reason to terminate.

Cut her hrs down enough to make her want to quit, that way if she quits no unemployment

I agree with bodegahwy just let her go and make sure she gets her last check.

What bunch of crap on the physical arrest of an employee at your business, on your time.

I had an employee who was “Wanted for a discussion” by our local PD, so they showed up at my shop to give me a heads up that he is wanted, and that he may not be back that day,
They were told very frankly that he is on “My Time” right now, and I would very much appreciate it if they would talk to him on his own time, not mine. So I told them when his shift ends, and they are more than welcome to have their discussion after that time. Yeah, I got tagged as a troublemaker in my town for that, but I do not give a flying “F” , because it is complete BS when they remove an employee during their shift and basically shut me down for the day because of it.

A murder charge, or something more serious, fine, not some BS petty crap especially when they know where the suspect lives, and his hangouts

Ugh I’ve had similar situations - thankfully off the clock but his mom had to call me and tell me he wouldn’t make his shift. Domestic stuff and he ended up going to rehab. We’ve kept him on and he’s turned around quite nicely.

Depends a lot on your situation. Employees are hard to come by where I am never mind trained ones! I like to be as understanding as I can while not jeopardizing my business.