Okay, I lied. Another post for you newbies.

Let’s start of with a couple of basic facts that you should have complete command of. If you can’t get your head around them, reply with your Qs.

#1 The basic intuition behind opening any business is to make money.

#2 Your not going into business to make pizza, your going into business to make money. Remember that, ALWAYS.

#3.I respect operators who take pride in making an excellent pie. Note that I said operators, (not those who are testing pizzas in their kitchen while watching COSBY.) However, pride or the best pizza is not necessary.

#4. If you never worked in a pizza shop before. You will lose alot of money & fail. Or you will lose even more money & get by.

#5. Opening a business costs money. Do you have any money? Are you willing to put your house and assets on the line?

#6. Would you put up your house to invest in a pizza shop operated by someone who has never worked in one? I wouldn’t, yet some of you here will do just that.

#7. There is a difference between working 60 hours per week & working twice that. How hard have you worked before? Can you work 100 hours per week? Are you hard to kill? If your not, don’t do it.

#8. Nobody cares about the special sauce recipe, cheese blend, crust style and so on and so forth you developed in your kitchen at home. If you can’t make 100 of them in 45 minutes, it’s useless.