fund raising idea

anyone have a suggestion on helping the high school have done the school nite for the elementary school notr that big a turnout

anything new to try


Have them sell gift certificate and give them a % of total sales. They sell $20 gift cert to friends and family for face value and you collect $18. Make sure you account for all that go out and make them with security paper and number them so they can’t be duplicated.

We printed up some business cards, total value is $100.
Organizition sells cards for $10, they buy them from us for $5.
6 offers for card holder…1st is a FREE Pie, then a couple of BOGO, a couple of FREE APPS w/ pizza purchase, and so on…
Hope it helps!
By the way, we’ve done pretty well. Typical is a sports group, 20 players goal is to sell 5 each = 100 x $5 = YOU and the group each make $500 bucks! Sometimes we even give out cash rewards to the highest seller!