Has anyone ever done anything with fundraisers? I want to do something and contribute money to a certain charity. How much of the profits should I donate and should I leave the prices the same on the pizzas or lower them for that day? Any advice on how to handle this?

I made Coupon books
best move I ever did
they give them to someone to SELL my coupons! they keep the 10.oo each and I get people in my store!!!

Cool idea - can you share some details?

  1. How many coupons per booklet
  2. Value (offer) of coupons and how do they compare to other offers you have out
  3. How’d you get booklets printed that look nice enough
  4. What’s the coupon book sold for that they keep $10 of it?


I did a Fundraising coupon. My offer is a 2 topping 14" pizza and a 2L pop for 20.00. They go and sell them and pay me 10 and keep 10 for themselves. I have also done 10% of sales from 4-10 pm on a given night as well. I find the coupon is better because 20.00 is what they would normally pay anyways and they like the fact that the group keeps 1/2 the money.

We often get requests for fundraisers for the local school. We used to offer a percentage of sales for a certain timeframe, but realized that this is costing us money, and not much return (other than the satisfaction from helping the school). We came up with an idea that helps everyone… Let the people who want the money promote the fundraiser, and the more people they bring into the store, they more they make - and they only make money on people they bring in. (OK we let them pass out the fliers at the door to the restaurant also). The school kids always come in and clean tables, do dishes, and help with any other task they can. And of course we go out of our way to make it fun for them. Since we started this program our sales on funraiser nights has risen(we encourage a Tuesday or Wednesday night), our income increases on those nights, the fundraiser makes more money than if we just offer a flat percentage of sales - everybody wins! Below is a generic copy of the flier we print for them.

Join us for (Name of Fundraiser) Night

Join us on (Date) and support your (school).

Students will be helping out in the restaurant this evening, and for their reward we will donate 25% of the total amount you spend when this flier is presented. This money will be used to (list benefits - i.e. new computers for school, etc.).

Together we are giving back to our community and supporting (education). This offer may be used for dine in, carryout, or delivery orders on the date noted above. Please complete the student section below and present it when you place your order. Thank you.

Student Section

Student Name: ______________________________

Class Title: _________________________________

Teachers Name: _____________________________
(Please provide teachers name, not room number)

The classroom with the most participation wins a free pizza party!

Ticket #: _________ Amount: $____________ Cashier: ____________

By the way, we use this same basic format for most of our fundraisers, not just the school. We just modify the flier to fit the fundraiser.

take a look here is the front page
It actually is 2 postcards this is the front with a solid black back
In side is 10 pages (10 total coupons)
the very first is a free medium pizza, no purchase neccessary.
this gets them in the door if they havent tried my pizza. It gives them value to the book. I put this in front and an aggressive coupon in back as people tend to remember the first and last thing they read.
I also put an order of free breadsticks
a free salad
a free 2 liter
a free oven baked sub
now I was a little leary but no one has just used a free 2 liter or sub its always been with a purchase.
make mine a double for free is a good one
free unlimited toppings on a large pizza
now the disclaimer reads
one coupon per book per day
(the pages are numbered )
can not use with other coupons
I print black on yellow paper as KK has suggested is the best for catching
your eyes

Who did your printing and binding? At what cost per coupon book?