Fundraising for max $$$$ potential - T&B vs donated kitc


I would like to hold a fundraiser for my class and I don’t own my own shop yet, but in the interest of profitablilty I don’t want to just buy pizzas wholesale and mark them up. I make pizza at home that rivals most shops in my area and was nominated to make pizzas for the fundraiser. Knowing that there is a tremendous amount involved in this endeavor either way someone suggested the take and bake option as a way to increase potential sales.

The two options we are entertaining are using a donated lic. reg. commercial kitchen for the day or days and running it like a shop fresh dough 18" pies for $9-12 or so.

The other option is using same said kitchen, but crank out pre-ordered take and bake pies using an adapted recipe. This would allow us to get a larger amount of pies out to people who are reluctant to come in.

Both have their pros and cons. I am hoping someone here can help point us in the right direction in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness, and easy of execution. I’ll be using this experiment as a litmus test for my recipe on a broader scale as long as it is still quality after adaptation if the T&B option is selected.

Thanks can’t wait for your replies - helpful and humerous

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I say you use the “donated” licensed kitchen and do a par-baked pizza, but only if you have access to a conveyor oven, esp if you do indeed do a large # of pies…

you could probably “buy” your own ingredients from “their” supplier (just have them send it on a separate invoice) and go from there…

You don’t really have 2 “adapt” your “formula” but a few “trix” may be in order…let me know if you need any “advice”

you can use their boxes & buy some silicone baking paper & circles…

have some special boxtoppers printed thanking for the use of the shop & some coupons for their shop - a “win-win” situation & maybe free rent?

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Thanks - I’ll buy the supplies from the supplier I get my flour, sauce, cheese from. I’ll probably need to order baking circles, unless I go the parchment paper route, but I’ve been reading about the debate between the two. I was hoping to avoid ovens all together - and just dress and wrap.

Why do you recomenned the parbake? The box topper idea is great.

I would love any advice you can offer. FYI my dough is a 60% lean, 2-3 day cold rise hand stretched thin crust sorta NYC style. I use stanislaus and grande products to top. I’ve never used conveyors so cannot rule them out, but I would be inclined to use a deck for this particular pizza style. That said I need to consider everything and then present the consideration to the class. I imagine $$$ will be there motive, but I need to maintain a degree of quality control at the same time.


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a par-baked pizza make it a bit more “idiot” proof and lengthens the time frame for the end user…

decks are fine, but conveyors are easier…

remenber to cook you skin @ a lower temp and don’t “over cook” it - it will/should not be overly brown…you want to set the cell structure, but leave enough moisture in the skin…

I use circles & parchment paper…the parchment will crisp up better, IMAO…

you can type out instructions "remove pizza from the box…slide pizza from the pizza circle onto the oven rack (preheated oven)…keep the pizza on the paper, as it will not burn & will keep the oven clean…when crust is browned & cheese is bubbly, slide pizza circle under the pizza and remove from the oven…parchment paper then can be removed from the oven & disposed of…cut & serve…

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Patriot - Do I understand you correctly? I stretch the dough, sauce, cheese,
and bake the pie for 3-4 min until the dough sets and the cheese begins to
melt. I believe that is about the 4-5 min mark in my oven with my pizza.

Than what? Let cool or refrigerate and then wrap and box? How long will a pie packaged this way last before quality becomes and issue i.e. if its baked on Monday will it be edible if held under ref. for dinner on Tues night?

Thanks a mil.

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NO, NO, NO!!!

you “par-bake” the crust only, sans sauce & cheese…

after the crust has cooled, you can sauce & cheese, box, cool, deliver…

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Just want to make sure someone mentions that there could be health department implications of selling food prepared in a private kitchen. This isn’t a bake sale we are talking about, but high risk foods if meat is involved. Your choice whether to contact them, but wanted to mention it.

My health department would have a cow if someone was selling food out of their kitchen at home . . . you cannot get a residential kitchen inspected and licensed for commercial use, either.

You might be able to get a ‘sponsor’ to let you use their kitchen after hours for some advertising considerations. A bakery or pizza shop might let a school class come in and get things done. Could be worth the asking.

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Thanks Nick - I did read the PA Dept of Ag. website they even consider cheese a PHF! We will be running our operation out of a cert./insp.
commercial kitchen.

Ok I got it - parbake the dough cool then sauce, cheese, and deliver.

Thanks gents