Fundraising structure suggestions

Agreeing to do a fundraiser night for a good local group.
I am looking for interesting different ways to define the contribution they’ll get. Last time they did something with another restaurant, they got something like 50% of all sales above the average for that night of the week.

This seems like a poor structure to me -
I’d rather not disclose my average sales to everyone.
It leaves room for the group to question whether numbers and contribution are accurate.
What if the night is not above average?

What other ways have you all done “school nights” or nights that are dedicated as fundraising for a team or club?


Re: Fundraising nights

Let me simplify my question in hopes of input!
How do you do fundraisers? Like a “school night” - but for other groups.

Do you just contribute a percentage of sales?
Do you use a “coupon” to identify who they bring in?
Or what?


25% of sales accompanied with fundraiser coupon…we have a flyer template that we allow the group to mock up and distribute however they want…we have a huge fishbowl on the counter and we put all receipts in and tally up at the end of the night…
We had a group do no PR for the event and just planned to hand them out to people walking in to get their order :twisted:

people will forget so we include those sales coupon or not…this ensures that you are not contributing from your normal biz and that the group has to put forth some effort also.

we have since stopped fundraiser nights since alot are a waste of time if the group doesnt do enough PR on their end…instead we donate 15% of all gift card sales that the group sells at events, etc…much better because it is an ongoing fundraiser and you dont get slammed all at once