Funny Fowl event

Ok, so we passed inspection with flying colors on Thursday and got our CO 9 this is another stroy in itself)…no pun intended…Sunday was so very eventful…middle of the day…still hammering away to get things ready for Wed, A 30th,

We walk in our very clean ( and will stay that way) kitchen ( I will try to post pics eventually) and say WTFIT…freaking feathers in a 3ft area. Seems like a birdie decided to fly into the intake air…(at least that is how I remember my husband saying it and I can be totally wrong on this statement), and feather everywhere. I swear, God is with us at the most stressful moments to make us burst out in laughter. Ok, it’s not funny the bird got chopped up…but, come on, how else you gonna handle it. So, Has anyone had this happen? Is creampuff the 1st?

Freshly slaughtered on premises … how fresh can your produce get?

The anticipation to get into your store is so high even birds are dying to get in.

or … as your signature “EXPLODES with flavour” … so does the wildlife, allbeit ver the floor.

Sorry a bit lame but I could just imagine it and couldn’t get a smile of my dial.

Go for it at your opening and best of luck.


Congrats on the CO. Yikes, no - never had fowl flow through!