Fusion marketing . . . BBQ Pork Pizza

So, the BBQ guy in neighboring town is quite the charismatic and accomplished shop. Second week and he is going pretty strong. Yeah, the new will wear off, but he has a good place and much better than decent food. He is exceptionally friendly to us since we have been a word of mouth machine, including internet referrals.

So, he is quite amenable to getting a fusion marketing going where I use his smoked pork butts for pizza, and he uses my red sauce for meatball sandwiches with his own mballs. I come to you with this:

What is the absolute best way to feature this fresh smoked product on a pizza. I am pondering a garlic butter base sauce, the pork, red onions, my blended BBQ sauce and mozz to finish. Is there anything else I should consider? Red sauce blended with BBQ as the base? Who has a truly spectacular idea? I poked around folks’ sites and the Think Tank archives to no real avail. not enough detail about construction with the pies I found :frowning:

I do truly think I could make a smacktacular sandwich with either an apple cider glaze or a fig/currant based fruit sauce along with his smoked pork. I mean a REALLY good sandwich.

Why not just use the bbq sauce as your sauce? Scrap the garlic butter.

I think the key here will be less is better. You want the flavor of the pork, don’t distract from it.


Why not go right out there and use an apple sauce with the pork and top off with some red onion rings.

We have just launched a gourmet pizza with lamb roled in Australian Native Bush spices, potato slices, bake pumpkin and red onion rings and then finished with a thick mint dressing. Going like wild fire.

Maybe you can create something “local” with the pork as the main ingredient.


well i do both pizza and smoked bbq :smiley: on our bbq pizza we have choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken. neither one have sauce on the meat. we use straight bbq sauce on the pizza no pizza sauce my wife uses squirt bottle to put sauce on then hand rubs sauce all over dough less sauce then you would use on a regular pizza then adds meat and chopped onions puts little more sauce on then mozz. cheese and then tops it off with bacon topping. not bacon bits.its about 50 / 50 on the returning orders on weather they want onions.its not a big seller but we do quite a few . 16" 17.95 12" 12.85

other bbq ideas nick

loaded baked tater
sour cream
cheeder cheese
pulled pork or chicken
bacon bits
we sell alot of these

our barn nachos
nacho chips
nacho cheese
pulled pork
sour cream
side of bbq sauce
$ 5.95

bbq calzone/stromboli
bbq sauce
$ 5.95

any other ideas would love to hear them :smiley:

For our BBQ Brisket pizza, we toss our brisket, our bbq sauce, and white onions together first, spread on the dough, and top with mozz and provolone mix. The key to ours is the provolone, which works extremely well with meat, especially bbq.

fyi, we don’t sell a ton of these. So after we cook the briskett, we portion into 5 oz, and freeze. Then micro 2 minutes to defrost.

Ok, I’m relatively new here, I don’t want you all to think I am crazy so I was hesitant to post this. Then I remembered the old alka seltzer commercial “Try it, You’ll like it…” So here goes…
This was inspired by the cuban sandwich, we are a franchise so I can’t sell it. My staff loves when I make it (other than the ones that don’t eat mustard or pickles)

Sauce the pizza skin with a thin layer of garlic butter and then mustard. I use yellow mustard, but have been thinking about changing it to spicy brown.
Top with canadian bacon or sliced ham, dill pickle slices, pulled bbq pork and shredded swiss cheese.
Bake and eat.

I know the purists are having trouble breathing right now but “Try it, You’ll like it”

This pizza probably has little or no commercial value in my area, but if you happen to live where your customers are adventurous it might get a following.

Rick G

El Cubano . . . I like it. I will try that out soon. I just got a sample of the chopped pork to experiment. I will ask for just pulled next time . . . better texture opportunity. I have the fixings for a sweet/sour apple cider glaze, some granny smith apple, and an idea.

I’m going to make a half “traditional” BBQ pizza with red onion, barbeque sauce, pork and cheese. The other half will be my other creation. I am making one for the BBQ guy and one for us to sample.

NExt time I may try the Cuban . . . though for a menu item, it would be a pain to stock all of those special ingredients. Hmmmm.