Gaining support for a "Best of Award"

Hey Everyone,

Part of my marketing for my real estate career is to establish myself as the geographic authority for my area. One of the TIME CONSUMING ways I’m doing this is with a community blog. I’m looking for a couple of ways to help the site gain a little bit of traction and get some readers. So I’m taking an idea from a couple of the other publications in the BIG CITY – and doing a “Best of Awards” I’m going to pick 10-15 topics and asking the public to vote. The tricky part is of course that I need the businesses to promote the event. My blog covers the county. In my county we have. 3 or 4 chains and 3 or 4 indys. The chains have multiple stores.

I’d appreciate some ideas oh how to boost participation from the operators of the stores. Providing posters, box toppers, buttons for servers? Table Tents? Are these things you would use? Would a contest for a completely unknown publication excite you any? A little help guys and gals!


Ahh come on everyone! :roll:

OK here are some off the cuff ideas. If you were to have different places promote your best of by having a draw sponsered you. Maybe a boxtopper that said goto www.whatever dot com to vote and enter to win dinner on Scott. The dinner would of course be from the establishment that is doing the topper.

or have the promotion topper say go to mypizzastores site and while you are there click on the survey link to scottssite and be entered to win a whatever.

I would let you do it if you maybe bought a share of the toppers.