Garland Air Deck Maintenance and Repair

Hello everyone. Looking for others with experience with the Garland Air Deck Model E56PB. We have two of them and we’re having a hard time keeping service guys to come out and repair them. Eastern Ohio if anyone has any leads they’d like to share for service guys.

Our current issue is that our main oven will not recover to temp as quickly as it should. Temps up just fine but is struggling during the dinner rush. Just had Hobart come out and replace the thermostats on each of them but the tech isn’t familiar with these units and had to call for help a few times during the visit.

Who here uses Garland Air Decks? Would love to hear your experience if you’ve had any issue at all with them so I can add that to a document I’m creating about them. Will be trying to get detailed info form Garland themselves tomorrow as well.

I’ll add that these are great ovens. I’ve been chastised in the past for using them. Some folks apparently don’t consider them to be “true” pizza ovens. Our gas bill is amazingly low comparatively though so we’re sticking with them.