garland airdecks

opening this month and I have a set of airdecks I was wondering how others have cooked on them. I used to have a BP y800 and cooked on pizza pans and finished them off on the deck. Any experienced airdeckers out there.thanks Bill

I used a double stack of Airdecks alongside a double stack of blodegetts for 2yrs before I got my Rotoflex. We also cooked in pans. I thought the air decks were much better as far as recovery goes but not as good as far as the bake (close though…im not talking conveyor quality…and yes I have had one of those as well) Air decks require more care in rotation of pies I also found.
Good Luck overall it is a workhorse that can take a real pounding when you get swamped but make sure not to have your phones too close to the ovens b/c the blower does make it difficult to hear.

We have one. We cook our pies in the pan and then crisp them directly on the deck. Compared to a stone deck, it cooks faster, and pretty close to the same quality. But the air deck is a little noisy, and you have to learn to rotate the pies to get them evenly cooked.

Tom R

Why rotate the pies? Are there hot spots or is the back cook faster than the front? I always thought the airdecks were supposed to cook more even. Also, don’t the garland ovens give off less heat into the kitchen than the Blodgetts?

I found that compared to my blodgetts the air decks were more prone to an uneven bake if not rotated properly…as far as heat loss the so called “air curtain” helps for better recovery and keeps the kitchen cooler. The air decks best quality is that it never slows down no matter how slammed you get as opposed to a conventional deck.

Yes, we have to rotate and “spin” the pizza 180 degrees to get an even cook. It sounds like that’s pretty much the norm’ with what Perry says. Nothing to do with cooking, but FYI: One problem I’ve encountered is that the door springs tend to break. I would advise having a couple in stock. Nothing to do with cooking, but FYI.
Tom R

Thanks guys.

thanks for all the info just one more question I set my BP oven at 550. What do you set the Airdecks too?
thanks Bill

I am pretty sure since they retain their heat better i set mine at least 25 degrees less than my decks, but i cant remember exactly

Tom R