Garlic knots and breadsticks

Does anyone want to share how they make these items?

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Experiment to see what works best for, but we mix Italian Seasoning with Liquid Butter. Take a 1.5” x 6”-8” strip of dough, stretch & fold a couple times, dunk in the butter mixture & tie into a ‘simple’ knot. Top with Garlic Salt & Parm. We sell 10 knots for $5.99 & get 2 orders out of a 16” dough. Easy up sell & great profit. :slight_smile:

We cut our dough into sticks and bake them. We let them cool then cover them with our garlic butter sauce, put them on trays and in the cooler. Then we put them 1/2 way though the oven to heat them up and serve them. Our customers go crazy for them.

Grasso, how long will these typically last in the cooler? Do you cover them in the cooler?

Gunner, Do you do any of this ahead of time or all done to order?

My Garlic knots are simple and people around here love them. Take a small dough (90z). pullout to a rectangle in one movement (one hand on either side of dough, and pull it open) DO NOT FLATTEN, it will take the rise out of it. Cut into 8 strips. Make simple knots. put a 12 x 12 inch baking sheet on a 12 inch screen. I have a deck oven at 500 degrees. cook for about 6 minutes. Then put in a 12 inch silver mixing bowl. liberally apply liquid butter and lots of pre chopped garlic ( I bought a garlic chopper at bed bath and beyond for $12)(do not use minced garlic to save time it is trash. Put in 9x9 styrofoam container, DO NOT USE PIZZA BOX. Use spatula to get everything out of bowl, top with dried parsley and a 3.5 oz container of sauce. Make sure to put in t-shirt bag cause butter will leak in their car.

We’re a T&B / Slice operation, so we’ll make up a few orders ahead of time & when they’re gone, they’re gone. Any leftovers get baked the next day and sold by the each.

We make them every morning just so they’re fresh. After we butter them we do not cover them.