Garlic Knots - Great Product - Bad process!

Hey guys,

We have been looking to add some Garlic knots using pizza dough. A little background: we use BP Deck ovens and let our dough rise in fridge. We’ve come up with a great product in the Garlic knots and all the people we’ve give them to love them. The problem is that the process is too long/intensive. The current process is:

  1. Someone orders Garlic knots
  2. Take dough ball out of fridge, cut up into 6 or 12 strips, fold into “Knot”
  3. Put on pan, place in oven
  4. Take out 12 minutes later
  5. Add baked knots and seasoning (butter, garlic, salt, etc) into container, Shake!

This whole process can easily take 20 minutes. That’s wayyyy too long for an appetizer. They would come out after their pizza.

Anyone have recommendations on how to make this faster/better?


Have you tried par baking a few to see how they do ? If you could par bake some and keep them in the walkin, then just throw them in the oven for 3 to 4 minutes.

There are soooo many items that are phenomenal like that but just take way too long. Now that you know how good yours are buying a premade product just wont cut it. If I were you Id step back and ask yourself are they worth it?

I just had the same issue with pepperoni rolls. Thought jeez im making good money off these but the process just sucks. Dont even mention if you crakin orders. It just slowed us down and made everything else backed up.

There is a slice place down the street that sells them. They bake them all the way through put them in their display case and warm them up when they get ordered. We don’t make them though I have thought about it.

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we par bake and then deep fry to order, people love them.

Yep, par-baking it the best way to manage your garlic-knots. I’ve never heard of anyone making them the way you have described for the very reason you’ve mentioned. They’re fine when reheated/reconed.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

That’s What we do at our place

If anyone has a seasoning recipie for them I’d like it please!

We take them from the fryer, toss them in a bowl with freshly minced garlic 3 oz ladle of unsalted butter and tbl chopped flat leaf parsley and a little parmesan cheese and serve with 3 oz marinara