Garlic Knots

I was wondering if anyone offers garlic knots? How do you prepare them? Do you serve them instead of bread sticks?

We use a 21 oz. doughball - pulling it slightly rectangular, then cutting into 8 pcs - but we form ours pretzel style - spritz w/H20 & top w/our house spice…proof for a few hrs & bake @ a reduced time…cool & wrap in foil - when ordered - back into the oven 4 min. - unwrap - splash w/garlic spice oil & re-wrap - served w/red sauce

Sorry to “raise the dead thread”, but it is relevant. I promise.

What sort of texture are you all aiming at with your knots/pretzels? It is akin to the pizza collar, or more dense, like a soft pretzel? I have been getting very good taste/texture at a denser crumb, but the reheating takes a little longer than I want. I can go for the dinner roll texture, and they reheat faster, but not as satisfying to me.

I have not rolled them out full on to the customers, but am sampling them. Good feedback so far . . . need to par bake less so they are not as chewy crust.

I am tempted to go with a soda wash/blanch to get the browning and chew of pretzels if I go the soft pretzel route. Will be a little more work, but a satisfying product with homemade mustard sauce.

This isn’t truly garlic knots but there is a pizza place around here that has “Italian Egg Rolls”. They roll their dough thin and then fill with various toppings like sausage and cheese. They then roll them to look like egg rolls, cook until crispy, cover them with garlic butter and serve them as appetizers. They are really good - the main reason we visit the place.

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Nick, you mentioned pretzels, and I am really wanting to do a pretzel myself… There aren’t a whole lot of things better than a nice chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, hot baked pretzel with a good mustard sauce…

However, we make all our own dough and breads for sandwiches, and really like the fact that we don’t purchase pre-made items… We have tried to make our own pretzels, using our in-house dough recipe and they just aren’t working out. I’m almost tempted to look for a pre-made product, but I’m wondering if any of you guys have had success making your own oven baked pretzels.