Garlic knots

How does everyone make their garlic knots? I would like to start offering them

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10 oz dough ball, turn it into a rectangle, 5 vertical cuts, 1 horizontal, tie in knots… halfway through conveyor, light butter, Corto Olive Oil blend (51/49 canola), minced garlic and Johnny’s Garlic seasoning (Costco) on top, toss until evenly coated. 8 inch 1 compartment Styrofoam container with a grease resistant wrapper down underneath, side of ranch. 12 piece order 4.49. Came up with this during my ‘I need an app without cheese on it’ phase when cheese was super high a few years ago. Lots of ways you can do this of course, but this is my way. Sell plenty of them. I started them at 3.99. Have not noticed a dip with the increase earlier this year.