garlic knots

I lived in NYC for a few years and every pizza shop I went to they all used to sell garlic knots… I love those… since a moved to the boston area, I have never seen garlic knots anywhere around here… restaurants and pizza shops nobody has them… my wife was born and raised here in MASS and she never had them and I keep trying to describe how good they are but I can’t LOL… I would love to know if any of u guys have a special recipe or unique way to make them that you can share with me… that way I can make them for my wife … thank u guys…

use your favorite pizza dough…lightly flatten & elongate the dough (16-20 oz) till it resembles a rectangle…

use your pizza cutter & cut into 8 strips…tie the strips into a knot…cover & proof till double in size…

bake until golden brown…

top w/mixture of olive oil, crushed garlic & gran garlic - serve w/marinara sauce

^ They have some.

We used to sell 6-7 large sheet pans of those things a day when I worked at a pizza place in a food court at a huge outlet mall.

Tie 'em up and toss them with some garlic white sauce in a ss bowl frequently(but gently) as you add the knots. Pour them into a sheet pan and let them rise. Bake them off until golden brown, brush them with another coat of garlic white sauce. Sprinkle a generous amount of pecorino romano. If you did it right they should have risen about 4x their original size and they’ll just pull apart.

I occasionally make them here now. But I’ll just tie them(sometimes with pepperoni), put them right on a sheet pan and back them. Then I brush them with the garlic white sauce and then mix them in a bowl with grated cheese and crushed red pepper for a little kick. They’re great with soup in da winter time.

I can’t wait to make some… I used to eat those everyday… that’s onr of the things I miss from NYC… i’ll try both of those methods… thank you guys… if anybody else has a different method please share so I can try it out

Is this something I can do with . . . . ummm . . . aged dough? The dough that is just barely past what I want to sell as a pizza, but not what I want to throw away? I call it “reclaimed dough” or reclaimable.

no, you won’t get a decent rise w/tired dough - use dough 1-3 days old

call us crazy but we are planning on giving these away “complimentary” with dine-in service, kind of like our take on the chips and salsa in the mexican places. there super easy to make.

Crazy !!

I wish I was near by ur store so I can get them for free LOL… I love those things…

I haven’t gotten a chance to make them yet… probably tomorrow, I will let u know if I can make them as good as I used to buy them back in new york

we are switching to knots as well, love those and cheaper than breadsticks

How are they cheaper? They’re made from the same dough. Or did you buy your breadsticks rather than make them in the restaurant?

I switched from buying to making my own a few months ago. It was certainly easier to just buy 'em and bake 'em but I like the 90 cents I save on every order. Now I do a special “FREE sticks w/ med. 1-top”. Customer’s perception $2.47 savings. My cost $0.37.

Guys, this has just been bugging me.

From the description, isn’t a garlic knot just a tied up breadstick? Don’t they have to cook longer than a breadstick due to the mass in one spot?

By “breadstick”, I’m referring to something along the lines of LC’s “crazy bread”

garlic knots are proofed rather than breadstix just run thru the oven (yes, because of the “knot” they won’t cook like breadstix…

ya can cook up a whole sheet pan - rather you “par-bake” them…we wrap our is foil & run 'em back thru the oven, then drench 'em w/garlic oil & parm/spice

garlic white sauce

Any recipes or pointers on how to prepare garlic white sauce ? I really want to try the garlic knots.

You’re testing my memory big-time here. Last time I made it was about 7 years ago. Now I get the stuff already made up for me. :wink:

Sautee minced garlic and butter. Then add oregano, parsley and some olive oil.

Some Recipes 4 consideration

Garlic Infused Oil

3 cups Olive Oil Blend
4 oz. portion cup Garlic, Granulated
2 cups Garlic, chopped in oil

mix above ingredients together in food processor

pour into large squeeze bottles
marinate overnight

drizzle over hot garlic knots & season w/PatriotSpice

4 cups Parmesan Cheese
4 oz portion cup Pizza Spice Topper

Mix above ingredients thoroughly.

Cover and store/refrigerate

Pizza Spice Topper
1 Cups Pepper, coarse ground
1 Cup Oregano
1 Cup Basil

Blend thoroughly, store in plastic spice jug

White Pizza Sauce
to each 2# of ricotta cheese, add 1 C. H2O & 4 oz. Pizza Spice Topper

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it…

I tried making them today, they came out okay… this is my first time making them so when I make them again I think they will be the way I want them… this is what I did:

I took a dough (8oz since I was just trying it out), rolled it thru and cut it into strips just like u guys suggested… tied them and I let them rise pretty much 3x the size… I took them and I put oil, minced garlic and granulated garlic, baked them and when they came out I put some parmesan cheese… knots where perfect, they cooked perfect but the flavor wasn’t there… I didn’t put enough garlic… I tried fixing them by adding more granulated garlic and some salt, after that the flavor was much better and they were eatable… I will try making them again using that white garlic sauce… thanks a lot guys…

dont" “roll” them out…gently stretch the dough 2 resemble a rounded rectangle…an 8 oz dough s/only yield 4-5 knots…

after the dough is pulled - use your pizza cutter 2 cut into strips, then knot them…

I use a sheet pan, w/silicone baking paper…run the 6 across…spritz w/H2O, then lightly wrap w/saran & place on your oven top…

after they have proofed, spritz them again w/H2O - PAR-BAKE them w/o any other topping…

when cooled, wrap w/foil and reheat as needed…THEN top w/your garlic oil & parm

Patriot’s Pizza,
I rolled it once and then streched it by hand, you are right on I got 5 knots out of the 8oz dough ball… I just want it to give it a shot…

I am going to try it the way you said, bake it first and then add the garlic etc… I have another question, is minced garlic okay to use for the knots ??? thank u for the help Patriot’s Pizza