Garlic parm sauce

Anybody have a good recipe- or leads- on a great garlic parm sauce?
Basic recipe (or ingredients) I can tweak/try would be great, as well.
Thanks in advance.

Would this be a sauce for wings?

No, for pizza. Should have said that! Thanks.

Garlic butter (grandioso), parmesan cheese, oregano, black pepper.

Are you getting the little cups of grandioso? Do they sell it in gallon form?

Yes, we buy it by the gallon. Make sure to mix it well!

There is a thread on the forum from a few months back about making an Alfredo sauce right on the pie that cooks in the oven, maybe you could modify that by going heavier with garlic?

Thanks, guys. Used some garlic dipping sauce cups (thanks durbancic) and added parm cheese, oregano, bit of red pepper flakes and a few tablespoons of alfredo sauce, Not sure why I really wanted the alfredo but I just did- wanted that creamy something… I don’t know.
Made a pie with grilled (really pan fried but…) chicken breast- cut into small strips and fresh sliced tomatoes.
Before going in the oven I added (sprinkled) a handful of diced Romano cheese.
It was REALLY good… I did this at work and around 10 employees tried it and all were really blown away, just could not believe how good it was.
It was very simple, too, (toppings wise) so you could tell whether it was good or not, if that makes any sense.