Garlic Spread Alternative

So for 15+ yrs i have been using land o lakes garlic and herb spread for our bread sticks, i now find myself having to change up because of supply issues, does anyone have an alternative? Not a fan of Italian Rose.

Buy this you will love it

I would yet its 64.00 for shipping. One of my suppliers can get me grandiose, which is literally one 1 cent more per ounce from land o lakes. Im trying to find something local, or maybe restaurant depot carrys, but having a hard time, like i said im not a huge fan of the Italian rose. Amazon prices are outta control as well

I use Gelsinger’s in a 16 pound tub.

Make your own. It’ll be more cost effective and better quality

Oh jeez, its $15 per case shipping to my area. I love it though. We order 4 cases at a time

Grandioso is more like a dip used for pizza crust, like what papa johns uses.

RDepots garlic spread isnt anywhere near as good.

Tulkoff makes an ok one but its super expensive.

I know all of this because I faced a similar situation to yours with the supply issues about a year and a half ago with my garlic spread. So we had to buy all different types of garlic spread including the Land O Lakes one you currently use.

We ended up making our own buying tubs of whipped margarine.

Spread recipe (4lb whipped margarine tub)

25 Cloves Garlic Coursely minced in a food processor

1/2oz Salt

1/2 oz Granulated Garlic

1/2 soufflé Parsley dried

But as soon as our regular garlic spread became back in stock we immediately went back to buying the garlic spread that we love, The one I gave you a link to

I thought about making our own, just may come down to that. I figured it may cost more making from scratch rather than just getting it in predone. The tulkoff i found at my local GFS is a controlled item, meaning they have to order it in by the case, i just cant walkin and buy it. Cost is 74.99 for 6/4#tubs, the manager put in a case order for me to get 1 tub so i can at least try it prior to purchasing a full case. My dad back in the 80s use to make our own as well, using olive oil and added herbs and garlic, i didnt want to switch back to his recipe as my customers over the last 15yrs have came to love the way i have been doing, using the landolakes. Thank you for the recipe, may just make a small batch and try the flavor out.

I make my own. It is easy.

1 lb of fresh garlic
3 lbs of butter

I coat whole fresh garlic (you can buy it peeled) with olive oil run it through the oven about 1 and a half times and puree it in a food processor while it is still hot. I then add it to the 3 pounds of butter and mix it with a spatula.

So I picked up the tub of tulkoff at gfs yesterday and opened it. So its basically the same as the Italian rose, reason im not a big fan is 1 the flavoring, not that buttery creamy taste 2 they put parm cheese in it, to me that changes the whole profile of it. So i whipped up a small batch from scratch, 1 thing i forgot was the salt but i can add that, letting it sit over night so the garlic and flavors meld together and will see tomorrow

1 thing i was always afraid off using the fresh garlic was years ago i read an article that garlic can be toxic and make someone sick. My health inspector told me yrs ago that i cant let my garlic spread sit out, its gotta go back in cooler after using, its impossible to do that because its gotta stay spreadable to put on our breadsticks, they told me the garlic can get toxic if left out to long
So has anyone else heard of that??. I would love to roast the garlic then mix into the butter, but been to afraid to do it

Yes, chopped garlic in an oil is a Botulism risk. Risk is reduced by refrigeration and disposing of unused portion after 4 days: Prevention | Botulism | CDC

We had to switch from fresh garlic to granulated when we decided to stop holding our mix in a steam table.

So stupid question, if roasted the garlic or not and mixing with butter not oil, and allowing to sit on my cut table to use during the day is that still toxic?? I know its a stupid question to ask but its basically butter not oil. Honestly i have been letting my landolakes garlic and herb spread set in a container to use through out the day then storing in cooler and night, been doing this for 15+ yrs and never had any issues or customer complaints. Maybe i need to research it b4 asking this question