what are my responsibilities about allergies. I have a customer who says we put onions on her pizza and her husband is allergic and ended up in the hospital. I made the pizzas and know we did not put onions on it. She apparently feels we gave her another persons pizza as the name was crossed out on the box and her name put on it. if they felt they received the wrong pizza shouldn’t they have called me back before they ate it?

In that situation, for us, it would depend on the customer and our relationship with them. For the sake of the business, we would not admit any liability in writing or otherwise. This is business, and lawsuits are possible even amongst family. I will not call them liars or cheats, just hedge and say we need to see it.

That being the case, if the customer is that allergic to onions, then they will likely have a habit of checking food from outside sources before eating it. Onions on pizza have a pungent aroma, even if one slice. As soon as the box was opened, the aroma would waft out . . . unless it is cold. My inclination would be to offer a refund just because, and let them know that if they can bring me part of the pie that had onions on it, I would look into what else we would be able to do to make it right. I gotta have a piece of onion pie, though. Business is business, and I gotta see what happened in order to correct the situation for future in kitchen and make restitution appropriate to the situation.

If it is our close friends, or ‘inner circle’ customers, our reaction becomes different and more personal.

thank you. I already offered a refund just because they were not satisfied with the pizza. No pizza left just the box. Contacted an attorney he said not to worry. They said they were contacting one as I should pay the hospital bill. Attorney said it was there responsiblity to let me know they had an allergy.