Gas Consumption for Marsals Ovens

We have a set of Marsal SD660’s and I am wondering if it would be more cost efficient to leave them on overnight rather than firing them up in the morning everyday. It would also cut an hour off the morning start time (approx 300 a month). Marsals are very efficient and insulated ovens, so thats why I’m even considering asking this.

In case it matters, we close at 10 and start at 11.

Thanks for any input!

I know Baker’s Pride sells automatic oven starters that you can set up like a timer and they will turn on your ovens at the set time for your warm-up period…they sell for about $400 per deck. I wonder if Marsal offers anything like that or if perhaps the Baker’s pride unit would work on the Marsal ovens. I would call Marsal and talk to one of their sales reps or maybe service techs and get their take on the whole thing. I bet they already know exactly what you need to do. :smiley: