gas oven choice - on/off or modulating

I am looking for a vote from anyone who understands the difference on a technical level. The on/off is being suggested for us since we are remotely located in Eastern Europe and it is easier to diagnose from a distance and is proven tech.

That being said I am in favor of the modulating option for energy savings, it is the future for gas ovens in this business and makes sense for consistency of product. (Temp swings are small to negligible) Not sure about noise level differences.

By nature I am risk taker if the payoff warrants. Modulating = 10%+ savings in gas consumption. (double stack 60s) But reliability and potential down time is a real factor.

Many thanks for any input. Merry Christmas and peaceful ways forward in 2014!

would seem to advocate modulating: … ing-burner

The modulating valve is much quieter and the savings are dramatic. If you’re worried about diagnostic issues, invest in a manometer. The modulating valves are quite sensitive to gas pressure and from my experience, any issues with these valves has come from pressure being too high or low.

Paul thanks for the input,

Anyone else care to give their thoughts? I need to make a decision soon. Leaning towards the modulating option.


I agree with Paul. I just made the change recently and couldn’t be more pleased. The kitchen is both cooler and quieter which means the staff are happier.

All of the above is good advice.

The modulating gas valve was a major improvement. lower operating cost , quieter , better baking.

George Mills