gas range burner 'power'

I am looking for a new gas range as the old albatross I have is greasy, burners are inefficient, stove thermostat is broken (off or 550F) and company is out of business.

So, I come to the assembled braintrust about how much power I need for my range . . . gas supply is ample for anything I would get that I can afford. The one I am looking at is a basic Imperial 6-burner.

[] six 28,000 BTU burners
] 35,000 BTU oven

My question is whether the 28K is enough heat for my sautee needs. I know more is better when it comes to speed and volume of sautee. I can manage a pretty high heat skillet with dexterity and success. My less talented staff may not be so fortunate. I was thinking that 32,000 to 35,000 is more my goal, but the model I would need to get (and can afforD) is a few hundred higher, plus has 2 to three week lead time. I need one within the week and can buy one off the floor with the 28K burners.

So, do I suck it up with the greasy monster in my sparkly new kitchen to get the 4,000 extra BTU, or is the 28,000 going to be enough for this range . . . and then get more muscle in the second one when we get the upscale place ready.

to many gaps in my question? Please inquire if I left out some huge, important detail.

28000 is good for small stuff,like eggs
but if you are making large volume pots of pasta or gravies you will be waiting all day
if it were me i would buy what makes me happy,no matter how long the wait…its only a few days,and it does not take long to swap out a range.
get the biggest one you can,also get the casters,you deserve it.


Which of your recipes call for your skillet to be that hot? Especially keeping all 6 burners that hot at once? I would think that in the quanities that you are going to be cooking, the smaller cook top will be great for your needs.

We will be sauteeing chicken breasts, veal cutlets, cheesesteak sandwiches with veggies, shrimps, pork tenderloin, double cut chops, stuff like that. Right now, I cannot see needing all six at one time, but we dream of the day we do . . . we often use 4 when sandwich orders rock in the house.

Can I expect that one burner running alone will priduce more than 28K? I didn’t think it would. I can always look at upgrading the burners later, I believe, if I am not packing enough punch for the pasta water. We use a 5 gallon pot right now, but will expect to get larger eventually.