gearing up for 10-10


WooHoo :slight_smile:

Whats going to be your special for the day

Mine will be in combination with our 30 yr anniversary of business. Thinking since this day falls on our Thursday special, we will end up having 2-3 great deals this day, just have to figure out a deal or package deal because our Thursday special is a 16" 1 item for $6.49, we are usually slammed on Thursdays so running 2 other specials this day is going to really swamp us

We have been running 10-10-$10 for the last few years and will do so again. We offer a 14" pizza with two toppings for $10. we do about double our normal sales that day.

30 YEARS!! Congrats Daisy. That’s a lotta pies and a lotta years. You have slung tons and tons of flour, and you’re still looking for ways to deliver value…now that’s a pie-lady who gets it. I wish you many more years of success.

Thank You Piedad, YES I have slung alot of dough in my yrs. Always looking to improve on anything & everything

Well how did everyone’s day turn out yesterday ??? Ours turned out awesome :stuck_out_tongue: I had a friend in the radio station run an ad all day yesterday promoting “National Independent Pizzeria Day” he did an awesome job promoting it

Hope everyone else did well :smiley:

We ran a newspaper ad and did an email blast. End result was about 3X our typical Thursday at this time of year. A good deal for the customer to be sure but one of the most cost effective promos we do all year.

I wonder if I could run this every month on the 10th?

Im considering doing the same, we had a huge response running a radio commercial promoting Independent Pizzeria Day, only Im considering switching it up to run it on a different day each month on one of our slow days like Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only

Glad your day was prosperous :smiley: