Gearing up for the big tournament!

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I dropped in on the TT. Everything is all shiny and new it looks like.

Just wanted to let you’ll know about a project that I am involved with. If you are interested in having your own bracket pool for the basketball tournament like CBS or ESPN. I can probably help. I’ve been working on developing a WordPress plugin that lets you run a bracket pool. Get people to your site. Collect their email addresses. Add them to MailChimp ( and others ) newsletter services. Great way to engage with your client base. Hopefully expand your client base, all the while keeping them on your site, with your branding… where you can sell them pizza too!

The plugin is built for WordPress, and you can check it out at – if your site is not built in WordPress, but you have some tech skills, or have someone you can rely on to help, we could probably still set something up for you that would be like and do some basic color matching and menu navigation to your main site.

Oh, BTW. My wife and I are expecting our first kid in June. When I owned my shop, I never thought i would be married. Much less be a father. Amazing what a difference 5 years makes.


Congrats Scott!

Hey - I’ll just give you my wp login info…lol :twisted:

You know I’m always willing to help! Lets do it soon though. Lets get it going soon though. I’m worried about a time crunch as we get closer to Selection Sunday.


Did anyone host a bracket contest?