Gease Hood Inspection

We are located about 25 miles outside of Cincy. I just received a call from the company that installed our hood reminding me to schedule an inspection within the next 60 days. This was a new installation in a new store. I was told I had to endure twice yearly inspections. Does this sound right? 2x per year and the hood is brand new? It doesn’t sound like they will be doing much & it cost about $150 each time. Anyone?

i get my hood fan cleaned twice a year. Here in NY, it is NY State law. i pay $250 a pop. Insurance requires that they be cleaned.

This isn’t a hood cleaning. It’s just an inspection of the fire supression system. Actually 2. They require 1 every 6 months.

That sounds like it is too frequent. I think the ansul in my last place was only inspected every 12-18 months, and new tanks after like twelve years. Check with your fire department, they should be able to tell you what the rules are on it.

I’m in Illinois and my INSURANCE CO. REQUIRES my fire supression system to be checked by a liscensed co. every six months. Once a year they recharge the system, install new fusable links and inspect the hood. The next time they come in and just do a general inspection.