GEEZ what happened?SLOW

My SEPT started out strong…but this week is lame…is it just me out here…?/ I know the week is not over yet…and I may catch-up andmore these next few days…but geez…

I know others here on the east coast are very slow…but what gives…

of course we haven;t had any rain in I don;t know when and its 90 degrees here…but any notions out there???


We slumped a bit last week during County Fair and High School Homecoming double-whammy, but the month as a whole is solid enough . . . above average for us, actually. Hoping not to jinx us for the weekend.

I am sorry to hear others have slumped back. Is it possible you didn’t have any active promotions or marketing events this month to keep stable of grow sales?

marketing and everything is in place…just a slower week…I know a guy that has a store that does say 18k his MON was 1100 his other stores do around 13k-15k his MONDAY was under $600…

JUST A BIT out of line…of course I don;t live day by day otherwise ID be bald and in a mental institution…

just seems very volatile out there…no predictability…


i dont know but it hurts the last 3 weeks [size=5]OUCH!!![/size]

Hello Sal,I had the best weekend in 3 years this past weekend and then Monday came to a dang stand still along w/ Tuesday and Wed…I learned something about this business along time ago…it is Don’t try to figure it out!Just wake up everyday and hope and plan for the best.And of course along w/ my record weekend last week I had to use most of the profits to fix my lift pump that my store plumbing runs off of.Life is so surprising ay? ‘I guess what goes up must come down’


this business is always unpredictable, as long as you are serving the best product you can and you are taking care of your customers and employees everything will even out for you


Same here- slow this week, very slow.

It is the 3rd week of the month(traditionally slower than 1st and 15th. Also, people are getting their vacation bills(credit cards) from August along with school clothes that were put on credit cards.

honestly, I wish there was an easy fix sometimes, but like in the corporate world, they always want an answer. And there isn’t always one to give them.


Yes…me thinks the above from PIzza time makes sense…but
stilll its weird…todays lunch is almost $800 for me and that is above average…so maybe I will catch up some tonight…

thanks for the input people…

Last week was the first for 11 weeks that we went under $10K, albeit by only $113.

Monday this week was average then Tuesday was great - without any driver for delivery - then Wednesday was crap. Thursday was our 6th biggest for the year again without a driver (I had to do the deliveries) and then tonight we did our second biggest night ever $3400 (with only one driver).

This week traditionally is slow as it is the lead up to spring school holidays and the annual Show week (commences Saturday), but we got slammed big time.

Dreading Saturday as we have no customer service staff available (away on vacation for the long weekend) or at a birthday party (notified 4 weeks ago 2 would be absent) and one driver away at national University Games.

Should be real fun if sales trend continues.

Hey Daddio, my salary cost to slaes looks like it is getting down towards your levels of earlier this week. The only difference I don’t have the family availability you have.


go figure…my fortune was reversed in just 2 days…this market is more and more volatile…we had a lttle rain and cooler weather moved in…


wow how can you do 3400 with one driver ?

$3,400 x 55%Delivery= $1870

$1870/ $17ticket average= 110 Deliveries

110 Deliveries x 12 min. Delivery time= 1320mins. of drive time

1320/60mins. in an hour= 22 hours of delivery time

Hmmmm. It’s possible… maybe dave was open 24 hours on Friday. :lol:

He was driving the short bus to deliver pizzas (inside joke). Ole Dave can work some magic down under when talking about delivering premium pizzas to everyone.

I know how he did it! I had a night like that not that long ago. One cook, one cashier, one driver, 125 orders average order $30. 24% deliveries. Open 14 hours. DEAD TIRED AT THE END OF THE DAY. And took the short bus home.

Not quite on the mark there, td_VP192

Opened from 5pm to 11pm with driver knocking off at 10pm (end of school party he had to attend).

Deliveries = driver 15 plus I did about 7 = 22. Only did close local area due to lack of drivers and explained to customers from other areas why we couldn’t deliver to them that night. Only lost 2 sales from this all night with the thers converting to pick up.

Average delivery ticket about price $32 (hey we don’t do cheapo prices :slight_smile: ) = $704 = 21% of total sales

Average delivery time about 20 - 25 minutes (each time a double delivery)

Our aveage delivery to total orders is about 25 - 30% as we have turned a lot of customers from getting deliveries to store pick up. Did this due to long running problem with getting drivers. Most customers now know and understand the situation especially as it has been in the papers so much and Domino’s have been taking full page newspaper adverts for drivers as well as rodaside signs etc.

As a side note Eagle Boy’s Pizzas, an Australian based franchise is having a meeting this week and number 1 item on the agenda is delivery driver shortage and the future viability of deliveries. Apparently the driver shortage is not only confined to Western Australia with our mining and resources boom, but now right across Australia. One local operator (close competitor) who I am talking with about buying his equipment from a second store he is closing said he can’t get drivers for the love of money. No-one is interested at any level of pay he is offering. His good store is about 5 km from mine.

Anyway I didn’t need the small bus after this weekend of half my staff away - just a shot of valium, a straight jacket, two bottles of fine Western Australian wine and a nice padded cell at the local police station.

I think they may have sent me home in the small bus, though :? Geethe driver looked like Nick. :wink: