Gelato or Ice cream?

We are C/D that is looking to start carrying either Gelato or Ice Cream. Does any one have any experience with either one. We don’t have a lot of room so I was thinking about just selling pints. I would rather use Gelato since it fits in with the theme of a Pizzaria better but would people prefer Ice Cream?

I would do what fits into your theme, if you are a gourmet, upperscale pizzeria, id do Gelato. Gives the customer one more reason to think of you as a high end establishment. Or if your an Italian feel then Gelato as well. If its All American then id go Ice cream. For the Americano feel.

We do have an Italian theme. Any brands you could suggest?

Im not sure, but what id do is do some internet research, find out anyone that you can. And contact them and ask if they service your area. Then tell em youd like a sample. Also id ask your current vendors if they have any leads to these products. If they dont sell them, they might know someone who does, or has a customer that would know.

Get your foodservice distributor to sample out their product. You could also find out if any places nearby (like a couple of town so over or something) use gelato and find out what they use and where they get it. Italian Soecilaty vendors should carry some sort of gelato, I would think.

We are speculating on carrying some gelato this spring as well. Aiming for a higher position in the marketplace.