Hello wise people … Since many places that serve pizza also serve gelato, I’m hoping that some of you who do may have an answer for this.

What do you use for your gelato base? We were planning to get our base (hot process) from pregel but since we have a pasteurizing machine have been considering making our own base rather than purchasing it dry. As far as I can tell, a premade base is basically a smattering of this emulsifier and that preservative.

Any thoughts on this? What do you all use? Does anyone do a simple egg, sugar, milk (or cornmeal, sugar, milk) base then add your flavoring? Any input is appreciated!

And now back to your regularly scheduled pizza talk …

We used Pregel bases that are flavored already, to which we added more flavoring, more sugar, milk, etc depending on the recipe. Personally, its such a labor intensive processes, I can’t imagine adding another step like making your own base. What’s it take, like 45 minutes hot process to make about 3 x 1/3 pans?

In our machine, you pour your ingredients in the top, press a button and walk away. The hot process takes 15 or so minutes, it beeps, you push a button and the pasteurized product drops into the lower cold area. You press a button, walk away, it beeps and you help it out into the pan. So yes, it takes some time but you don’t have to be standing there the whole time. Its not like we’re mixing the stuff on the stove (which would be insane) … so dropping in one or two extra ingredients in the top shouldn’t add more than a few seconds.

sounds like the same machine we had. but the hot process was about 8-10 minutes, then the bottom freezing process was 10-15 I believe. While one flavor was in the hot process, I had another in the bottom freezing. And in the meantime, I was was weighing out the ingredients for the next flavor. So if I really got ahead, there was a little down time, but not enough to walk away for a significant lenght of time.