Thinking of adding “Gelato” to this summers menu. Had my supplier bring in some samples, only bad part is that they only come in 143oz tubs, I would have to portion them out. I do not have space to add any machines such as another freezer, so would portion them out and put into my one freezer that I have. Anyone else’s thoughts ??

We do pints of Ben & Jerry’s & Haagen Daz for $6.00

No thanks on monkeying around with portions.

Or buy pc cups of Italian Ice

Don’t. If you can’t devote a separate freezer to your gelato, don’t. If you serve it properly you should be holding it at a different temp. than ice cream and whatever else you toss in there. Besides that, I’d swear that one of our suppliers carried a “single serving” container. I’ll try to remember where I saw that.

I went and took a class on how to make gelato. Bought a machine that makes it and a display case. The food cost is so low and a great markup. Awesome thing to sell if you have a dining room. I paired it with kids meals so the parents can taste it and get their own. The kids also love getting ice cream with their meal.