george mills or anyone else

installing a middleby marshall oven, its older
I dont have the model number but the belt is 32 inches and the chamber is 54inches
I have one almost identical at my second store looking at the burner plate its a little different

200,000 max btu
65,000 min btu
10 max manifold pressure
9.5 minuimum manifold pressure
13 gas supply pressure
11 minuimum gas pressure supply
my question is I was told 2 different things about the incoming gas supply
In my currant store I have a one inch gas line,
I was told that would be fine by one tech and another told me I would need 2 inch line
also would I need an inline regulator?

let me know if you need more info

here is what I think. It is going to depend on the length of run from first point where the pressure drops (the pressure regulator) to the ovens.

70 feet of 1" is good for 400,000 BTUs @ 11" water column (For Liquid propane gas) … h_data.pdf

From the tank to the regulator, whatever you already have is going to be good enough for anything you can throw at it, I think, since it is high pressure.

As for a regulator, it should be regulated already, somewhere else. The question is if you are going to “T” off the existing line, you have to “T” AFTER the regulator, otherwise you will need another regulator.

Regulator lookslike this: … 521115.jpg

If the “T” is right up next to the existing oven, you’d probably get another regulator. I am not sure where the common location for a regulator is, for propane. My thought would be outside.

Hi Rockstar;

For a Middleby PS 360 oven, which I think you have, the factory has always specified a 2 inch gas line. Your gas pressure off the meter should be 6 to 12 inch of water column pressure. No regulator required .

You could try operating with a 1 in line but that is not what the factory specifies.

George Mills

Are you running natural gas or propane?

When we switched from propane to natural gas, our supply line was undersized. We have lincoln 1450 ovens and supply line was 75 foot of 1" pipe. Rather than install a new line they set the outside regulator at a higher pressure and installed indivual regulators at the inlet to each piece of equipment, much cheaper that way. So far it works fine and on paper I can more than double my gas consumption without changing anything on my supply, just in case we want to add equipment.