george mills

can you take a look here and tell me what you suggest
layout starting like this

doesnt show the door in the rear (but there is one)

Is this for your temporary trailer?

no actually for the perment store
the temp moble unit is 28x8ft
gonna be cramped but will get us by until our full service is operational

are you doing a sit-down style, or have you considers a QSR operation?

what else is on the menu?

it would seem either way, an exhibition kitchen would be my choice…

It appears you have a 20" X 60" space with a door on the side.

Is that because you are an end unit?

That’s tight if you wish to do some seating. Take out the space for two restrooms, janitor closet, storage space, a walk in cooler and aisle ways to all that equipment, then add your equipment. Not much left for seating.

If you have seating will the local building department require 2 Rest rooms?

What is your menu?

Our plans are drawn on a computer drafting system (CAD) and they can, at present, only be sent by E-mail to another cad system. We can fax or mail drawings.

George Mills

I think I have come up witha good flowing kitchen, i will post a link to that tonight
yes I am on the end unit but there now is some question as to weather the unit will be angled or just straight across
I think I am going to have to ask for it to be 25x65 or 70
my delima is how to stage the dining room
whats the smallest ada bathroom permited
my menu is at redbarnpizza dot com
sorry having problems loggin in so cant post link

whats the smallest ada bathroom permited

7’x 7’
George mills