George Mills.......

Do you have any information on the Doyon PIZ6?

I regret I have no experience with that oven but I will see what I can find and get back to you

George Mills

I looked over the Doyon PIZ series ovens.

It appears they have built an oven that uses some form of air motion to improve baking. That’s a good idea. The units are available gas or electric. My selection would be gas.

Again this is basically an oven that will require a skilled pizza baker. Someone will have to remember when to take the pizzas out of the oven before they are burnt but not so soon as to be under baked.

Doyon Builds good looking equipment.

I have never heard of anyone that uses those units.

I prefer the conveyor ovens because they require no skills and only a few minutes training to operate. No burnt and no under baked pizzas.