get ready

today going to busy,yall get ready
going to be like monday!!!

Who’s ‘yall’ ? Is he a new member to the board ?

jk 8)

Yup. Another ‘undocumented’ guest posting with us.

So that means I’m only going to do about $650 instead of my usual $2,800 tonight??

Monday is my quietest night of the wee with only 3 satff in total.

Yall get me killed if I took yall advise.


650? i would not even get out of bed for only 650

Tue and Wed are days I would dance for that much :slight_smile: Yesterday turned out to be a day 50% over our average, so we are glad and almost overjoyed. First Week still humming along with much customer happiness. The bubble will burst eventually, but we hope we can ride the wave to the end of the month.

very busy here yesterday

that was me

I take the good with the bad and tell it how it is. I’m proud to admit to the fact that $650 is what I take on the slower days, and I enjoy taking every cent of it.

Yep and I remember not too long ago when I got out of bed to take $300 a day.

One day I may take $2,800 as my slower day but I will never put anyone down with smart a*#e comments about not getting out of bed for xyz.


I wake up in cold sweats thinking about doing $2800 in my current place with current equipment and staffing. It would be a complete nightmare of cataclysmic proportions . . . . . . unless I jack my prices up 40% and still have people buy my stuff.

We’ll get there, but there will be changes along the way to make it happen.

As for sales amounts, every proprietor I assume is working hard for their money and has there own market pressures and characteristics to live with. ANY pizza place owner who wants a month in my place to flex their muscles and prove I’m a loser is welcome to step right up. If you don’t destroy my business, I’ll give you ALL of the profit that the store makes that month after debt service.

I’m with Dave on this one . . . Walk a mile humbly in another man/woman’s kitchen clogs before disparaging their numbers. Humor is one thing, but us small market guys can be tempermental :oops: :wink:

smart a$$???,gee wizz,take a chill pill
you were the first to strike a repugnant comment…
i hope you do well in your shop for a long time,and i surely am not going to let your comments bother me, but… i think you should look back at some of your previous comments to other posters,then tell me you would not say some of the things that you most surely did say that to me seemed a little on the smart a$$ side of the spectrum

buy the way
i was only recapping on the thread “confused ???” which was posted on tues
about some of the unusual monday sales,i am sorry you do not do so well
on monday,maybe this would be a great day to take off and play some golf
just a thought???
and to you nick,i am not one to ever make fun of someone i do not know

see i told you it was going to be busy
and the getting out of bed comment was an attempt to be humorous did not mean to get yall in a tizzy

Told ya’ll (there is an apostrophe in the proper southern word) we smaller market owners are sensitive at times. Gotta have a connection and reputation for that kind of humor . . .

Very often “anonymous” doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt too often . . . sorry about that. You get to pay for the sins of the previous “guest” post-ers. By the by . . . while last Friday was out 10th highest gross to date, tonight was our FIFTH highest grossing sales to date.

We’re back baby!!! :smiley: And I think I know what goomba means by “pulling dough off the ceiling”.

I wake up in cold sweats thinking about doing $2800 in my current place with current equipment and staffing. It would be a complete nightmare of cataclysmic proportions . . . . . . unless I jack my prices up 40% and still have people buy my stuff.

We’ll get there, but there will be changes along the way to make it happen.


I come home in cold sweats thinking how we got through it with the current equipment and staffing, especially after nights like last night (Friday).

We were slammed for a 3 hour period and put through 60 pizzas an hour in our old single MM 360. The old thing was going flat out and as were the staff - kachuck, kachunk, kachunk…

Topping it off one driver didn’t turn up - no call either - plus our major football team was playing it’s only TV friday night game for the season so we got double whammed. Deliveries were 60 - 90 minutes and over the counter 45 minutes. We just couldn’t put them through fast enough. At one time we had two lines out the door and along the pavement with about 15 people in each line either waiting to pick up or place orders, plus the shop was packed.

As one new customer commented “the pizzas must be good here. Everyone is talking and happy and no-one is complaining about the wait. I’ve only came here because I have been told that this is the best place to get pizzas and they must be right.”

I really enjoy the buzz of the sales growth we are experiencing, seeing heaps of pizzas going out the door and all the positive comments we are getting all the time, but I hate the fact of keeping customers waiting so long, even though only 1 or 2 comment adversely.

I am going out on Monday and arranging a rent of a new additional oven so we can cope. As we only have 10 months left on our lease and have been unable to secure my new laese early I can’t buy or lease an oven at this stage so rental is the next best option.

Nick, enjoy the growth coming your way with the new shop and relish the tought that as you grow the dollars will come to allow to upgrad equipment.

Mate, hats off to you for your persistence in hanging in there for 7 months. Now I know why you have the signature Pizza is Love. I always thought you an old hippy from way back. :wink:


You must be doing it right, because you can’t BUY that sort of attitude. Sometimes we overwelm ourselves with empathy for the customer and worry about their impatience. If the customers are willing to wait for great food, then at least you don’t have an arterial bleed.

I may look into the idea you have . . . renting an oven for a while to manage surges, and keep on the lookout for an upgrade I can afford. Or maybe I’ll “rent” one by putting money in a sock and use that as down payment for a bigger deck.

I ain’t a hippy, born 1966, but I have been confused for one on occasion . . . at a distance. I actually stole the tag line from Mario Batalli, who uses it for Spaghetti. It simply rang a bell for me that what pizza is for my wife and me, is a chance to create memories for the people and families in our little village. We can have a part of happy childhoods, simpler lives, and social events in a small town that doesn’t offer a whole lot of other opportunities.

We make our food our ‘gift of love’ to the people who work damned hard for their money and trust us to give them greatness for their dollars. the last people who owned our shop cooked food and sold food. Excellence and the stuff of town legends demand more than that. Our slogan, “We’re Baking History” is another testament to our philosophy. DARN . . . I just may be a hippy after all :shock:

Peace, Man

Let the sun shine on Aquarius