Getting ready to move

I have not been on in awhile computer hard drive crashed, anyway, we are getting ready to move into a building next door owned by different landlord, we will be reducing are rent by 1/2 downsizing by about losing 400 sqft. Not a big deal on loosing space, this all means more $$$$$ to invest or pay off other obligations. 2 minor down falls according to family member, (1) we will not be facing the main rd, building sits sideways to the road, not that big of a deal I think, (2) extremely small drive into plaza means less parking, it’s still highly visible, also can put my main sign on front above door & have another sign on back of building so north bound traffic sees us, also have ice arena parking lot on south side of building, getting excited about move, just one last final obstacle, have to go to bank for small loan for contractor & need to get dollar figure from new landlord on how much $$ he plans on investing into suite to get us moved in, the suite is a mess, no drywall or ceiling, all electrical & plumbing has to be brought up to code.

Losing parking and visibility are not “minor” in my mind…Good luck with your move!..

Well in my thought where we are currently, the building has 2 empty suites that the landlord uses for nothing but storage of his crap from all the businesses that he & his brother own, and he also owns the restaurant at the end of the building that his customers take up the whole parking lot anyway, and the last suite also has his cleaners business(drop off & pickup only), I am nothing but take out so my customers are not here for more than 5 minutes at the most anyway. We have a party store that sits between us here currently & the new location. It is highly visible from any direction, also the drive of the new location has a mexican restaurant & a dog groomer & a very highly busy storage & Uhaul business behind the building, so anyone coming or going from the party store will see us no matter what, you pull into the party store and the new location sits right there, its actually a common lot seperated by a very small 2 ft high guard rail.

I am getting a little bit of a conflicting message…I guess it is your family that thinks visibility may be worse but you disagree…And based on your further description of the new location, the visibility may not be a problem…

Now when you move to the new location, do what ever you can with signage and paint scheme to make your building stand out as much as possible…Even though in the 1st few months it will be tempting to use some of your decreased rent to pay bills, if possible I would invest some in signage and decor to get off on a good footing…

The mexican restaurant took and painted the building in a really cool theme so it really stands out more than it ever has in the past. Yes it is a family member who feels that becuase the building sits sideways to the main rd instead of length ways they feel the visibility is low, but Ive had others look at it and they feel the same as I do its not a big deal, Also “Yes” I plan on using some of the saved rent for getting a new sign on the back of the building that faces the north bound traffic & ice arena parking lot, they are really super busy in the fall & winter season, we also have a deal with the arena cafe, they buy pies from me at a reduced price to sell slices, also we get all of their incoming teams business when the games are over the teams order from me at a reduced price rather than go 10 miles down the road to get cheap cardboard pies

Hi daisy

You do not say how long you were in your existing location.

Note that the Building, Health and fire codes are changed fairly often. What was OK in your existing building may not be OK now. In most jurisdictions a new set of plans will have to be submitted to the above departments in order to get an occupancy permit.

Ventilation codes have changed substantially in the past few years. Best you check on any changes before you get to far into the move.

George Mills

Setting up from scratch can be nerve racking to say the least. I’d second what has been suggested and get at least a few months of your “saved” rent put into marketing. Getting that sign towards the skating biz is a no-brainer too it would appear.

A couple of things popped up though in reading your post.

Why are you discounting to teams if you’re the better pizza, close to their arena thereby saving parents/coaches from transporting back and forth? Also, please tell me that you’re not neck-deep into this move, and are just now looking for money to pay off contractors? I hope you have already got a firm price to finish out your new store and have a loan in progress ready to sign off on…before a final lease is signed.

One last thought, is the ice arena holding and serving your product to your expectations? If not some folks might be getting a less than favorable impression on your pizza and will never walk across the parking lot, forever thinking Daisy serves lukewarm, limp pies.

And believe me. You will know better than me or anyone else b/c this is your situation, not ours. Don’t take my comments as anything other than outside thoughts. Good Luck, and best wishes!!

We have been in the current location for 5 yrs this Sept 11. Yes I know all about all of the codes thats what my contractor is working on, we have to submit plans to both the health dept. & the township, just waiting & keeping my fingers crossed that we dont have to bend over & get stuck with a $17,000 tap in fee again, UGH that hurt us really bad…but 100% positive we will not have to pay because this is an existing building & all tap in fees were pd years ago

Deaconvolker : Its not that we are really giving the teams a discount I just have guaranteed them I would give them my Thursday special any day of the week, which is a large 1 item for $6.99, & they have guaranteed me that they will be buying between 10-15 pies, I have been working with different teams through out the past 5 yrs as well as the arena,also yes the arena is keeping my pies I sell them to my standards, becuase I have had plenty of parents & teams stop over & get more food becuase they really liked what they were served out of the cafe. We just started the whole process of pricing & my contractor who is doing my build, well I have known him since I was born, we lived next door to each other for many many yrs & he has already told me that the build out will not cost me over $5k give or take a few hundred, all we have to have done is paint, walk in cooler, flooring system & move equipment, the landlord who owns the building in paying to get plumbing & electrical upto code

Sorry forgot to add as well the drywall & ceiling either my contractor or the landlord will be doing

Sounds fun! You know it’s going to be a hassle…but in the midst of all of it, just remember to “enjoy” what you’re doing! If we lose that, it’s just a job!

Congratulations on your new place!

Thanks, Yeah Im really excited about the move & going to be able to finally get caught up with everything & get back on track , this is our second move in 20yrs this last 5 yrs has been a major pain in the you know what because of an impossible landlord but also the slump that our nation has been in, I dont have to tell you that, we all have been hurting