Getting rid of fountain pop

Looks like my ice machine for fountain pop machine is a goner. I don’t really care about stopping serving fountain pop, but I let my staff drink free from the fountain. Has anyone in the same situation come up with a good policy for drinks for staff? I have a long term employee that used to work at Little Caesar’s, and she told me they used to get a 2-liter and share it.

2 liter and share sounds fine to me, not gonna be as cheap as fountain drinks but its not bad. I just buy cases of bottled water from our food supplier and give those out for free to employees. They are like 9 bucks for a 24 pack, go through about 1 a week.

We just charge 94 cents plus tax for a 20oz bottle. With tax it’s $1

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What we do is we let them have bottles of water for free and we say the sodas are a $1 (covers my cost)
It works flawlessly you shouldn’t have any issues

We just sell canned sodas, and I let employees drink for fee. They waste a bunch and probably don’t appreciate it but it’s not a make or break.

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same exact thing for me!

exact same here. coke or pepsi

I charge $1 for soft drinks and provide a water cooler at each store for the crews

I used to allow 1 soda per shift per employee. I figured the sugar would give them more energy. Eventually, most of the staff would take a sip and toss it. It was like they felt as if they werent getting their full pay if they didnt drink it.

Do not recommend.

I think it really depends how much you are there and your employees. I have one store that doesn’t have a fountain. I let them drink what they want out of the cans. But randomly I have issues. I had one guy that was drinking a 12 pack a day. Ideally I would make them pay something for them so they’re at least responsible with it. If they didn’t pay anything they don’t have a problem taking a sip and then throwing it away.