Ghost Kitchens?

We keep getting offers to become a virtual restaurant and wonder if anyone else has done this, not thrilled about $$ but you are still paying the people to be there working if you would take on he extra work. My worry is you will lose business on the backside to gain this so not sure it would be a smart move.

I don’t have personal experience but just a couple of additional thoughts to consider. Who has the ability to control the menu pricing and offerings? You or the third party? I assume there would be additional fees/cut the third party would take. Before you consider it, ensure you have enough margins (after considering additional fees/cut) for it to be worth it. As you’ve alluded to, you could risk your brand/core business if something goes wrong.

We have too much volume other than the last hour of business but we keep getting offers and calls. A lot of the chains do this, I know the local Chili’s is one of the virtual wing places on DoorDash and the Applebee’s is a burger one. Here we just went into season, Wednesday we ran out of all dough by 7pm it was our busiest Thanksgiving eve in 32 years.

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