Is there a way to Subcontract delivery drivers? Like a newspaper delivery driver? I have a friend who delivers newspapers and is subcontracted, she does a 1099 and assumes all car insurance responsibility. Is that possible for Pizza Delivery? I don’t know if this question has been asked, I looked in the archives and found nothing. Thank you!

Sub Contracting Delivery

Sorry to tell you this, but subcontracting delivery of Pizza is one of the deadly urban mtyhs that continues to plague the Pizza Biz.

There is case law that defines your drivers as employees. Remember, there is a 20 point test from the IRS that is used to determine independent contractor statsus ( email me for a copy ). Your drivers do not make the cut.

Route delivery work (like your Newspaper Friend) is structurally different from Pizza Delivery. Route delivery typically involves

  • Buying the delivery commodity from the delivery principal
  • Re-selling the delivery commodity to the end user
  • A route “owner” that can employ others to do the work
  • Loose or no requirements other than actual completion of the work

Again, sorry to tell you, but it just won’t work.

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