I have a pizzeria in Parsippany, NJ. After I saw your profile, I thought it was best to ask someone in my area who may know more about customers and trends in this area.

I need to pick up my daytime business/corporate deliveries and pickups. I’m surrounded by many corporate centers and I’m only seeing a tiny percentage of customers. There’s alot of competition around and I know this is a tough economic time. I recently tried some fax marketing with a company in Miami called: “Prime Time Media” with disastrous results. I spent around $500 with pathetic returns.

What are my options for increasing my corporate/office deliveries? Do you know of any proven fax or e-mail marketing services? Should I try something something else?


Use your drivers for intel. Are they seeing other companies delivering to these places? If so, who and how much?

Do you have any places where you could “cater” lunch to their breakroom? These are businesses with a couple hundred cars in the lot – too small for an on-site cafeteria, but large enough to have a big break room. You show up with pizzas and sell by the slice or whatever. It’s a one-person operation, and your delivery driver keeps them stocked up.