Gift Cards & Online Ordering

I was wondering who you guys are using. I am currently with Valutec for gift cards and Brygid for the online ordering. It’s not that I am unhappy with either company I am just wondering what else is out there.

With Brygid the cost is quite high but I just wanted to see how I would do with online ordering. I am doing about 300-400 orders a month and they do a per order price which is too much money. Now that I see it working I am looking for a different pricing model.

With Valutec I just called to reorder my custom gift cards and was quoted .69 each for 1000.

Any info would be great.

Jimmy I can’t answer your question, I just started online ordering. Well not yet but I’m in the process. Would you mind telling me how you got to 300/ month. And what % of your sales is that?

Take out tech is a great online ordering company. You are doing 300-400 orders a month? Wow! How did you get to that? Take out tech only charges for the first $700 of orders each month. It’s 10% of $700 plus a $30 fee so you never pay more than $100 total. I average 70-100 orders a month. I would love to get to 300!
Mercury payment systems has a free gift card program. I have used them for a year now. They have good credit card processing rates. You have to use the credit card processing to get the free gift cards and free gift card processing. Last year we sold $15k in gift cards without any problems with the processing.

I have Revention.

The online ordering cost $49 a month, unlimited orders, and the gift card program we are on with Revention is free. We paid to have a custom logo card made and a one time activation on our system, and the gift card system is free no matter how many you use. The also work on delivery like a credit card, however the customer cant tip on it.

We are very pleased with the system so far, it is 3 months old


Just changed our POS from Diamond Touch :evil: to Point of Success in January. We use Mercury Payment Systems as our CC. place which also does the Gift cards… the gift card processing is free and also has Loyalty program (which should be working in the next couple of weeks i hope). You dont have to buy the cards form Mercury but you can. So thats a +

They also have online ordering through I do not have this yet but hear it is running smoothly and prints up onto the POS system flawlessly.