Gift Cards

Just have a few questions about gift cards.
Who do you use for gift cards?
Are they expensive?
Who should i not use and why?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

We a couple of months ago moved our Gift Cards over to Mercury Payments we switched over CC the same time so they offered free Gift Card Processing with a CC processing account. Before then we used Smart Transaction Systems for like 4 years they were great they had a deal were all you had to do was purchase gift cards threw them depending on quantity they started at 1.15 each they were not rechargeable and they had a 1800 number that customers can call and you can also place a link on your site to check the balance. they also had another package were you payed i forget if it is monthly or per swipe? When we Switched over to GC we noticed a huge increase on gift card sales we also notice there is a big amount of non used gift cards. there is sites out there that are really good on pricing for gift cards. now that we use mercury we are also re-using our old gift cards.

Gift cards are a great way to add to your bottom line.

Aldelo offers a “Gift Card Server” which is a plug in or add on to the Aldelo For Restaurants Pro license. This is an excellent tool to utilized because with credit processors – every time you load, redeem, reload or make an inquiry to the balance you end up paying a fee.

With the Aldelo Gift Card Server you buy the software and the plastic. The entire program is managed on your in store “server”. This is also scalable for multi-location and chain/franchise stores.

Speaking of multi-location/franchise Aldelo offers a very innovative product called “Enterprise”. This product will allow you to keep track of your entire organizations sales for each and every location up to the minuet!!! The cost is about $100 per month per location.

Any questions feel free to contact us as we are Aldelo Authorized.

We switched to Mercury when we switched our pos to Arrow pos. Arrow has built in Mercury CC processing and Gift Card Processing. It also has a way of using gift cards as a marketing tool, but I haven’t done anything with it yet.

GIft cards are a no brainer if you ask me.

They make you money. There is not doubt a percentage of the cards will be lost or never used, which mean that money is 100% profit. They are convenient and people like to use them for gifts. We use a Revention POS and it is integrated with the system and works flawlessly. Prior to Revention we used the ones through our credit card processor but now that we have a POS I have a detailed sheet of unused cards from the 2 systems I used in the past and refer to them for balances to transfer to our new system which I will never stop using or switch again.

Make sure you are very happy with your decision because you will be married to the unused or balance carry cards if you switch companies. Transfering to a new card from an old card isn’t to difficult but can be a pain during your dinner rush which is when they usually walk in with a card from 6 years ago.

Good Luck,