Gift Cards

Just curious what everyone is paying for their gift cards. Using vantiv. The $30 month fee and $1.00 a card seems high. Just curious if that is the going rate etc.

We use a business card and write on the back the amount. We are too small to use a company for them. Walter

Had any fraud issues?

We use paper gift certificates. I order them through Vista Print.

No fraud. We do maybe 15-20 a year and don’t attract that kind of customer. We know most everyone that bought one and they shared their story as to who is getting it. I read somewhere that a big % of gift cards are never cashed in. In our case 100% are.

We use the gift card service from vantiv as well and we pay the $30 per month. If you’re referring to the actual cards costing $1 each, you can find them for much cheaper than that.

We’re paying $20 a month per location for gift cards with Vantiv. I think we paid around 79 cents a card for custom design. Also remember you’re not having to pay swipe fees for gift cards with Vantiv

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Hey Strongman,
I am going to be using vantiv soon also. Are you saying you can buy the cards somewhere else and use on the system?

Yes. I used a company called eCard. They walked me through everything and even contacted vantiv on my behalf for the data files needed for the cards. There are lots of companies that do it though, all you need is the data files from vantiv.

I am switching from Vantiv (3.6-3.9% ouch) to another processor and working with them to get the data. This costs 10% of the outstanding balance of gift cards that are in the system. FYI

I have been waiting for over a week to get the info and they still have not produced it. I will update when I have more news.

I really wish Point of Success could do this manage Gift Cards without using a processor. That would be sweet.

That’s bull. Try to get your new processor to “buy” you out of that

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Gift cards are handled by Foodtec my POS company. They charge approx $1.50/ea for 1K cards but they are replenishable so they last for years and there is no monthly fee. You design your card so they are custom. I purchased custom card holders and a custom display from ECard Systems and they look amazing on our front counter and we sell a ton. Balance is printed on the bottom of each receipt when used.