Gift Certificates

We have been using paper gift certificates the last 15 years and I am trying to get with the times. Can anyone tell me about switching to plastic gift cards? Our current cc processor is RBS…do I go through them?

Thanks…getting ready for Christmas. :shock:


do you have a pos? our gift cards are kept track of right in our pos system and it works great

Yup, give your rep a call for a quote.

There are many other options for gift card processing, the real question is are you processing with a POS system? (if so it will be your most cost effective avenue) or are you processing with a stand alone credit card terminal, ( in this case you can process with any provider as long as you have file group 5 open). Let me know if you would like a quote. :smiley:

Kris, I use a company called Valutec very happy with it.