Girl Scout Special

Here’s an idea that I tried last night… I bundled a Large Pepperoni, Cheesy Bread, a 2L Soda, and a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Although the discount was less than a dollar, we sold a bunch of them. It’s a Win-Win-Win. Plus the indirect benefits of showing community support makes it even better. Give it a try!

I love your “thinking outside the box” stuff!! I’m keeping me a file of all these tricks I’m picking up on the boards and will put them all to work! BTW…I suppose you have a daughter that is “selling” your store the cookies?? sweet.

Whoa, I really like that idea.

That is a really good idea. Thanks for sharing with the forum!

My daughter is a girl scout. Thank you for your support! :smiley:

Just don’t pay less than the box is worth or you will have hell to pay

I was just thinking about that. What is the official stance on reselling those cookies?

Actually lol, my post was intended to be a joke…

Not much is said officially about who MAY NOT sell GS cookies. All that is covered is who MAY sell GS cookies: … whocansell

Frequently Asked Questions
Girl Scout Cookies®

Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Q: Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?

A: Starting Fall 2008 all girl members, including Girl Scout Daisies, may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Activity. Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist girls, it is the girl who closes the sale, sets learning and sales goals, and learns the business leadership skills that are part of the program. Participation in this Girl Scout program activity is voluntary.

As long as the cookies are bought and sold at the retail price, and the daughter/troop get credit, then all is good, right?

If a ‘markup’ was added (to the cookies), then that would not be cool.

So, if I bought a case of Thin Mints and bundled them with a single topping pizza for no more then the regular price of a single topping and what I paid for the box of TM, everyone should be happy. Yes?

It would be a cool way to help out the local Girl Scout Troops, but there always seems to be someone who wants to cry “foul”.

That seems fair to me.

Maybe; maybe not. If it is a real concern, then it may be worth contacting the local Girl Scout office for their stance. seems that as long as you pay their market price for the goods . . . they may not care what you do with them afterwards. They may even be willing to give a deal of some sort for the marketing value.

Hooking up with a local troop to sponsor the whole promotion could really push their sales after the reserved orders.