Give-away server/spatula

Anyone have a reasonably priced give-away (branded) plastic spatula or serving utensil? We make some pies that really could use one, but are mostly a take-out kind of place. I’d like to give something away with those pizza’s, but don’t want to spend a fortune on the item either…

Don’t know what you’re looking to spend, but you can find them at the following link for .82 each. No idea the minimum or company reputation. I just have them bokmarked. … search.htm

cutter/server for .96 w 250 min. at … erver.html

server for .85 each 150 minimum … SRVC_Id=65

serrated server for .68 with 250 minimum … 20Utensils

You can order any of these items through your promotional products distributor or I can help you…


I use a company called LoTech Sales LLP. We purchase them for .52 a piece. Phone number is 800-285-0199

Does LoTech Sales have a website or anything online? they’ve ehaded out west for the LV pizza show, so no one to talk tofor a couple more days. I’d like to talk to them about minimum quantities and setup charges that will make the per piece a bit higher. They also appear to do magnets!

I’ll call them, thanks!
Is that price with a logo?

Budd Bay Embroidery has a plastic one on their site for as low as .67 (starting at .88 for the minimum quantity of 250).
I use them for my give aways and shirts. They are easy to work with. I work with Liz - her e-mail is liz @ buddbay .com, she’ll research everything for you.

I don’t know if they have a website. I am part of a franchise system. It is a local franchise with 10 units. Our minimum quantity here is 250 spatulas which gives me that price. I am sure that we worked out a deal for this price, but I am not the franchisor so I’m not sure. It does have our logo and phone number on it. I also called them today to place an order and found out that they are in vegas or I would have posted this on the site…sorry

Sometimes I just hate to post…Especially seeing how it is a competitor…But here you go…RCS…

Thanks all - I’d already found their website.
And I’m looking for servers, not magnets Royster!!
When I run low on magnets, I’ll check with you…

Although a big part of my business is magnets, I can supply all kinds of promotional products too…RCS…